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Our Story

The top rated INKROOM Tattoo studio for tattoos has been established recently. Employs the best professional tattoo artists in Kelowna. And is located on Harvey Avenue and Spall Road.

Co Founded by Marwa El Charif  (a.k.a. Marru) and Nour El Charif.  

We offer all different kinds of Tattoos, even inner lip tattoos, and also cover up and fix up tattoos!

Our Professional Tattoo Artists

Our team of professional tattoo artists is made up of the best tattoo artists in Kelowna and BC. Our main focus is to always meet the top rated list of tattoo places in Kelowna and BC.  Inkroom tattoo parlour is located on 1785 Harvey Avenue on the highway.  We are open most of the day and welcome walk-ins if you would like to have a chat with us. You can also call us or check our website.

Inkroom tattoo shop focuses on their tattoo artists to be the best in Kelowna. We make sure they get their shine and their art out there, and we make sure they are reachable to you.  Each professional tattoo artist here at Inkroom, is known for his or her tattoo style.  Our Tattoo place stands out from the other entire tattoo parlour in Kelowna.


Tattoo Cover Ups

Known as a professional tattoo artist studio in Kelowna, The Ink Room tattoo parlour, one of the top rated tattoo shops in BC, also offers tattoo cover ups and tattoo fix ups for old tattoos or tattoos that have been messed up. Depending on the tattoo cover up that the person has, we advise that you contact the tattoo studio through email, phone, or by a walk in. Then you can talk to one of the tattoo artists available in our tattoo shop.  If our tattoo artist agrees to cover up your old tattoo then you can then set a date and an appointment. Our team is made up of best professional tattoo artists in Kelowna.

Usually tattoo cover-ups require that the tattoo being covered is not too big; small to medium so that the tattoo artist can be flexible with the new tattoo cover up and have different options when wanting to fix the tattoo.

If incase your tattoo was too big and you still wanted a cover up tattoo over it, then you are limited with the styles of cover up tattoos that can be done. It is preferred that you talk to our tattoo artist about it face to face.

Laser Tattoo Removal

If you are sick of your old and bad tattoo, and you couldn’t agree with our professional tattoo artists on a great tattoo cover up, then it is required that you consider laser tattoo removal for your cover up tattoo. We offer laser tattoo removal services and you can walk in to our tattoo parlour and talk to us anytime about it. Most tattoo places do not offer laser tattoo removal services, but we do.  Especially we understand that sometimes cover up tattoos can be a hassle.  

If you don’t want to sit through many sessions of laser tattoo removal, you can undergo a few laser tattoo removal sessions, until the colour of your old tattoos is a bit faded, and then go for a new fresh cover up tattoo done by one of our professional tattoo artists in our tattoo studio in Kelowna.

Our team of professional top rated tattoo artists at our shop in Kelowna will always make sure your get the best tattoo that you’ve ever got from a tattoo studio!

Different Tattoo Styles

Our professional tattoo artists cover a wide variety of tattoo styles from Watercolour tattoos, Realism tattoos, Trash Polka Tattoos, Polynesian and Tribal Tattoos, Portrait Tattoos, Coloured Realism Tattoos, New and Neo Traditional Tattoos, old school tattoos, geometric tattoos, Script, Cartoonish Tattoos, Mandala Tattoos, Brush stroke(brushstroke) and abstract tattoos.

Watercolour tattoos usually are customized tattoo pieces from tattoo artists at our tattoo parlour. The watercolour tattoos we do are delicate and we give them our best touches. For watercolour tattoos we advise you set a consultation with one of our artists who does watercolour tattoos and take it from there. You will definitely get the best Watercolour tattoo of your life!

Our team also covers realism tattoo styles, and they customize tattoos to suit the client’s body and tattoo style. We turn your stories into tattoos and body art!

Realistic tattoos and Portrait tattoos are known for their fearless identity. Portrait tattoos and professional realistic tattoos are a very good tattoo choice to go for. You can walk in or call us any time to set a tattoo appointment or a consultation with one of our professional realism tattoo artists. You can also check out the portrait realism tattoos and custom realism tattoos we have done on our pages and on our top rated tattoo artists’ pages.

We also cover the old school tattoo style and customize tattoos to suit the client’s tattoo style and body placement. You can walk in or call us any time to set a tattoo appointment or a consultation with one of our professional tattoo artists.

We do geometric tattoos and abstract tattoos. From Mandala tattoos to trash polka tattoo styles. Geometric and abstract tattoos are known for their sharpness and minimal style in tattooing, very recommended if you like design and are a minimal person. Mandala tattoos resemble life, yoga, peace and psychedelic tattoos, also recommended if you are a person close to those areas in your life. Trash Polka tattoo style is more on the grungy tattoo style, which is a tattoo style we love at the tattoo